Customer Service at WaWaDigital – “I’m going to break your neck.”

Somebody I work with recently tried to buy a camera from an internet retailer called “WaWaDigital.”  He was telling me about the low price they had it listed for, when the guy called him to confirm the order.

At this point, I recognized what was going on.  For some reason, there is an entire cottage industry (in the little cottage called Brooklyn, New York) that sells the camera for below cost, but cancels the order on you unless you buy hundreds of dollars of over-priced accessories.

As the phone call progresses, it’s like watching a really cheesy horror film play out.  It’s bad, but funny in its predictability.

“No, thanks, I have all of the storage cards I need.”
Mumble mumble on-the-other-end-of-a-cell-phone-mumble
“The batteries only last for 2 pictures, do they?  No thanks, I have all the batteries I need.”
Mumble mumble don’t be so damn cheap mumble mumble

At this point, he’s walking into my office, with the expression on his face of, “You wouldn’t believe the phone call I’m on right now.”  I can pretty much hear both sides of the conversation now, and the next thing I was expecting to hear was that the order was canceled.  Instead, it continues…

“Don’t be cheap?  Listen.  That is ridiculous customer service.  Cancel my order and goodbye.”
“Cancel your order?  You really want to pay the 30% restocking fee for canceling your order?”
“What restocking fee?  There is no order, and you’re not going to charge me one.”
“Oh yes I will.”
“Go ahead, and I’ll dispute the charges on my card and it’ll cost you even more.”

Then, my jaw literally drops, as I scramble to help him record the phone call.

“Don’t you even dare.  You do that, and I’ll break your neck.  You hear me?  I’ll come there and break your f—–g neck.  I’ll …”

“Goodbye.”, and he hangs up.

As we get ready to record the return call, he calls back, but we let it dump into voice mail.  Evidently, intelligence tests are not part of “new hire training,” as this guy leaves a death threat on voice mail with an unblocked number.  [41 seconds, 665 kb].  (Warning, contains swears.)


..(718) 627-7192
Received at 3:22 pm

You better not pick up, b—h.  I’m gonna to come down there and break your god damn neck.  You heard me, alright?  Kid, you better hear me, b—h.  Do you hear me, B—H?  Yes, you’d better believe it.  You’re in biiiig trouble, my friend.

<click> (and its pseudonyms,, Starlight Cameras, Stargate Photo, and probably half a dozen others) is a complete and utter scam.  Such a poorly-run scam that their websites often contain text from the last domain name they had to abandon:

“…  wawadigital is not amanufacturer, but we are willing to replace a defective item”

“Stop4Camera expressly disclaims all warranties…”

“Stop4Camera reserves the right to refuse …”

I’m still agape at the absurdity of this all.  It’s amazing that any of these places are still in existence.  I don’t know their owners can avoid jail.  When you search the internet for the various incarnations of WaWaDigital, people have already reported them to nearly every authority I can think of.

Something tells me that JD Power won’t come-a-callin’ for

To make matters worse, the guy at work said he found good reviews about them at this site:  Unbelievably, that site is a scam, too.  A meta-scam that must turn a blind-eye to (or simply not include) negative reviews:  Most of their many categories simply go off to the equivalent Amazon category.  But navigate down to anything that stays on their site.  For example:

Home & Garden -> Massage Recliner -> (Pick any.)

The top merchants are:

Now, I do my standard searches for these retailers – include their name, along with sundry expletives:

Not a single legitimate shop.  Yet they have good reviews on the site.  You find good reviews everywhere for these scam retailers – they must have a full-time staff that runs around the internet posting fake reviews.

Thank goodness for the trusty “sundry expletive” search I rely on, instead.

15 Responses to “Customer Service at WaWaDigital – “I’m going to break your neck.””

  1. Anonymous writes:

    I seriously hope you turned the voice mail recording over to the police. This guy should be thrown in jail!

  2. Greg Hurlman writes:

    Definitely let the NYPD know about this guy – something tells me the organized crime unit might get a kick out of it.

  3. Marius writes:

    FYI, I bought a digital camera online several years back from, and experienced none of these accounts. Things may have changed in the last few years, but YMMV.

  4. Dan C writes:

    Just so you know there are some pictures of this place floating around. Here is mine

  5. Lee writes:

    Yah, not all camera dealers in NY are crooked. I learned about about this whole problem when I was looking into buying a new camera. I ended up buying it from an honest, but now out-of-business place called Now that they’ve been out of business for some time, the ResellerRatings (and scraper) site has complaints mixed up with some other photo place.

    Dan: Thanks for those pictures. Glad your neck survived!

  6. Bob Difar writes:

    These people deserve to be scammed back. Buy the camera, accept the upsell, then return the extra junk and keep the camera. Chargeback the extras with the cc company saying you didn’t order them, once the cc company takes a cursory look at the merchant they’ll side with you and you get thecamera on the cheap.

  7. mpd writes:

    If you want to get back at them check out where they are….

    check at with the domain name…

    OK then call up the local city/town hall and ask to verify property ownership of the site…

    Now you have the name and address of who owns their place! Chances are it ain’t them and they won’t like hearing complaints about their tenant.

  8. jimmy writes:

  9. Joyce writes:

    This man was very rude to me as well. He told me I was a stupid bitch for not
    ordered an extra card for the camera. I asked him to cancel my order immediately and
    I told him that I was going to call the Better Business Bureau. He said that’s okay with me they don’t know a fucking thing anyway. Then he said have a good day you stupid bitch and hung up on me.
    I can not believe this place is still in business!

  10. Ben writes:

    On March 1, 2006 I placed an internet order at for a Sony dvd-405 digital camera/camcorder. I recieved an email that contained a phone number for me to call and confirm my order, when I called to confirm, the salesman tried to sell me an extra battery when I declined he told me that if I didn’t order it that my order would be cancelled, so I said "Go ahead and cancel my order" then the salesman said "You will not talk to me the way you talk to your b—- a– wife!" I asked to talk to the manager he claimed he was one then I requested to talk to the owner he claimed he was also the owner. The conversation ended. My wife called back to see if she could get someone else, the person that answered was the same man. He told her that her husband was a p—y and a b—- because she called back. She asked to speak to a manager or owner once again he claimed to be both. She demanded his name, he said his name was Jay Jay. He (Jay Jay) said "I swear to f’n Jesus Christ on his life I will make your lives hell I will make your lives miserable." She could hear voices in the background and demanded to talk to someone else he laughed and said "let me get you to that department" he placed her on hold. Someone else came on the phone sounding just like the same person claiming to be "Scott". She continued asking to speak to someone else they would not let her. The conversation was ended. This company should be put out of business for good. All steps possible need to be taken to shut these people down because nobody deserves to be threatened or scammed like this company does. Has anybody had any luck legally persuing the closure of this crook? FYI I called up my credit card company and had them close the account because they had all they needed to sell my information. So if you fall into this scam, PLEASE call your credit card company IMMEDIATELY and shut the account down. I plan on spending a good amount of time to see what can be done about these criminals.

  11. al303 writes:

    Just got off the phone with WaWaDigital(1-866-722-7209). They called to confirm an order I had place yesterday. The salesman tried to sell me an expensive second battery to go with my original camera order. When I told him I was not interested for the third time, he says " F@#K YOU FAGGOT, I’M CANCELING YOUR ORDER, DON’T EVER ORDER FROM US AGAIN!" and hangs the phone up on me.

    Be VERY carefull when ordering from this company. I am in the process of contacting the New York Attorney Generals office to file a complaint. I only wish I had found this web page before I place my order.


  12. chad writes:

    On 4/25/2006 I had bought a camera on for $265 to later recieve a phone call 4/26/06 to confirm my order… the man told me that if I wanted a new camera it would cost $100 more. After I told him I wanted the camera advertised for the price advertised he said fine I will cancel your order and hung up. So just to double check I was right I returned to the website to make sure it was advertising a new camera…which it was. So I called them back to ask them about it and spoke to a manager to ask him what the deal was…which was apparently to pull one over on me. So I told him nicely that I will be contacting BBB and whoever else I needed to …the man then told me that he has my info and if I did contact bbb that he would "fuck up my credit"…said he had all of my info and will make sure to ruin my credit..and spoke of sending me to collection department and said since he has my social secuirty# that he can do what he likes to my credit. So as I’m writing this my order is supposedly cancelled and according to this mn my credits going to be "fucked". Please advise me (if possible) on what steps I need to take to be sure my credit isnt messed up and that no one else has to deal with this!!

  13. Lee writes:

    Chad — you shoudl complainin to the FTC ($.startup?Z_ORG_CODE=), and contact the police.

    I’m not aware of anything you can do to proactively prevent somebody from messing up your credit. You can subscribe to a credit monitoring service that will alert the moment any activity happens on your credit. This is a very good thing to do anyways, even for people not worried about specific problems or threats.

    I wouldn’t worry about them actually following through on their threats, though. They simply can’t scale to the number of people the pull this crap on. My neck isn’t broken :)

  14. Gordon writes:

    I just got taken by the same scan. I placed an order with for a camera. Nothing arrived, so I looked back on the website and the order was placed on "Hold." I called the number listed, and the person told me that I had ordered a "refurbished," camera,and that I really should order a "new," camera or else there would be no warranty. I bought into the scam, and paid an extra $100. He also tried really hard to sell me extra batteries, etc.

    The camera still has not arrived, and the website still shows the original amount I was going to pay (not the higher amount). I tried calling the number listed on the website to verify the sale,and got transferred five times in short succession by people who obviously only want to get rid of you. Literraly someone transferred me after two words by saying "here… talk to this person…."

    As a final note…. Two additional charges which I did not authorize have appeared on my credit card, so I suspect that someone at used my credit card for unauthorized purchases.

    My recommendation is that you NOT use this company! If anyone knows their physical address it would be great if they would post it so we can send them regular mail!

  15. Becky writes:

    I just wanted to make a comment on, now known as Yes their prices are good, and I did not have a problem with my order because I bought the 5 year warranty and extra lenses, so my order went smooth. A friend of mine tried to by a camera and they would not sell him one because he did not purchase the warranty. He was purchasing this item on a new credit card. Two weeks later someone tried to make a cash withdrawal from that very same card. I was also told that my warranty would arrive within 3 months, and I had to call back 6 months later to let them know that I had not received it. I finally received it one month later. I also called back to get a copy of my receipt. I was told that it would be emailed to me. That was 2 weeks ago, and I still have not received it. Thank God I finally found my recipt. Without your receipt, your Warranty is not any good. Every conversation that I have had with one of the customer service employees, counting my first encounter, has been uabruptly cut off, hung up on, or the person has been short and rude. Pass the word – This company does not know how to provide customer service. They seem very shady. I will never do business with them again.

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