A Legal Take on the JC Penny Price Gouging

Fri, Dec 2, 2005 One-minute read

AKA: Welcome Don McGowan to the Party :)  Don works in the Law and Corporate Affairs organization at Microsoft, and has always been a bright and illuminating voice in our internal discussions.

Case in point – a bunch of people internally are pretty upset that JC Penny is gouging customers by charging $800 for a vanilla Xbox  Premium system.  Where most people speculate, Don lays down this awesome summary of the situation:

There’s plenty of people out there asking why Microsoft doesn’t “do something about this”.  Well, one reason is that we can’t.

It’s great that he’s started blogging.  GrokLaw used to be a good source of information for non-lawyers, but they really rose to fame with their coverage of the SCO case.  Because of that, they’ve really started pandering pretty heavily to the OSDN audience.

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