Loving DasBlog 1.8

Well, Scott and Omar have been busy again, and have just released DasBlog 1.8. It's added a few helpful new features, and plenty of themes. The upgrade went painlessly as far as I can tell -- be sure to let me know if you see any issues!

I've set "BlogXP" as my theme -- it sure is beautiful. My pet peeve of the old "Discreet Blog Blue" was that the sidebar would float all around, and generally mess with layout. Especially on Administration pages. BlogXP is fully functional, and bug-free so far 🙂

The only down-side is that I try to port the general look and feel back to the stylesheet of my regular homepage when I change the look of the blog. I try to limit this to the colours and minor design elements, though, so my main homepage looks pretty darn plain again. Oh well, the last time I updated that page was over a year ago!

That reminds me. I've been meaning to drop a line to Scott and Omar, thanking them for a wonderful blogging system. I'll probably forget that again for a long time, so let me say it now -- Thank You! You guys have really got a great system going.

2 Responses to “Loving DasBlog 1.8”

  1. mitch foley writes:

    The BlogXP theme sure is pretty, but I bet if you chose BlogKDE or BlogOSX it would look even nicer… ;D

    Looks nice, the only issue is that my RSS reader had a problem or two. I recieved 3 new items due to the switch over: one for this post, a duplicate of "MSH and YubNub — A community commandline" with no author (the real one had an author of "Precision Computing"), and "Congratulations, you’ve installed DasBlog!"

  2. Lee Holmes writes:

    Thanks, Mitch. I would love BlogDesqview!

    I’m not sure how the YubNub post got duplicated — it disappeared from my RSS feed some time ago, and still doesn’t appear in it now. I’m aware of the "Congratulations" one — it got imported from the default setup when I upgraded my site. I deleted it pretty shortly after the I performed the upgrade.


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