New Monad Download Available! (Monad Beta 2)

I used to have download links here, but they were for an older version of Monad.  But I'm still getting plenty of hits per day for it, and needlessly sending people on a wild goose chase.  Since Thomas has been doing a great job of keeping his up to date with the latest Monad Download information, I'll point you to him for the best Monad Download information.

Beta 2 signals our move out of BetaPlace. The discussion on the private newsgroups have been very helpful for all involved, and we're making that even better. We now have a public newsgroup available at nntp://, that replaces the old one on BetaPlace. Please only use the new newsgroup.

If you love reading about Monad (and haven't yet subscribed to the newsgroup,) now is a good time to do so!

[Edit 01/25/06: Removed Beta 2 download links, and instead point to Thomas' continually updated download links.]

[Edit: Monad has now been renamed to Windows PowerShell. This script or discussion may require slight adjustments before it applies directly to newer builds.]

4 Responses to “New Monad Download Available! (Monad Beta 2)”

  1. Dave Venus writes:

    Thanks for the info! However it does not appear that the getting started document was included in the zip/msi download files. Can that file or a link to it be posted here?


  2. Lee Holmes writes:

    Hi Dave;

    We’re working to post a single-document version of "Getting Started" along with the Hands-on-labs as soon as we can. I’ll post a main entry when we do.


  3. Thomas Lee writes:

    It would be useful to have a version of Monad Beta 2 that targets the version of the CLR handed out at the PDC. Monad does not run on the latest release of the CLR. :L-(

  4. Lee Holmes writes:

    You are 100% right, Thomas. We have a branch internally that works with this CLR, but it’s not available for public consumption.

    We’re planning to release some new bits in the future that will match the RTM version of the 2.0 CLR, and have a few feature improvements, as well.

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