Get ready to learn Regular Expressions!

I'm sure you've noticed by now.  One of the things you end up doing a lot in shells and scripting languages is parsing text.  We've done it many times in articles on this blog.  We've seen it in many articles on other blogs.  We've all sat in quiet reverence of the wondrous power that is Regular Expressions.

And you want to be part of the Regex Illuminati.

Eric has just started a series of exercises on Learning Regular Expresions. In his words, this is

"The first in a series of exercises designed to teach you more about regular expressions, written by a guy who got partway through writing a regex book."

I find Eric's "Regular Expression Workbench" to be invaluable in working with regular expressions.  I think you'll enjoy (or at least benefit from!) this series of articles.

Pay close attention -- I'll be blogging a script in the near future that will turn your regular expression skills into Real Ultimate Power.  Regular expressions are cool; and by cool, I mean totally sweet.

2 Responses to “Get ready to learn Regular Expressions!”

  1. Wes Haggard writes:

    I too love regular expressions. It were all the backend power of CodeHTMLer ( comes from.

  2. ac writes:

    I used to be doing perl and other regex heavy stuff in dynamic languages for years. After getting to know C# and OO more I’m having harder time seeing the need for dynamic languages and regex. They are fun to write but will come haunt you later if using them on data by a 3rd party.

    I started with Mastering Regular-expressions book which gave a good summary of the differences and greedy matching support of engines. Came to like the perl/php way of things a lot since it’s used in many many other platforms as well that I used.

    Maybe MS will come up with something impressive in the dynamic space, but if there’s no Intellisense equivalent or atleast automatic parameter help in the UI, I am not buying it! It’s one thing to memorize a language than to memorize a ton of commands and their parameters or .NET. Atleast until there’s a upgradeable cybernetic memory implant or a neural cmd/google interface – I hope they are working on that!

    PS. Maybe you could make Monad with WPF and give it some nice way of showing parameter help boxes while you are typing in the commands…

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