Monad Breaking Change – Alignment with strategy

Exchange has been taking significant heat from beta customers that neither it (nor Monad) align strongly with the Windows Live corporate strategy.  This is blocking adoption by many customers, especially those accustomed to the new Windows Live Mail (Kahuna) interface.

This change brings some of that branding synergy into the get-childitem cmdlet.

You can get a prototype of this new functionality here: dir-live.msh.txt (7.23 KB).  Rename to "dir-LIVE.msh" after downloading.  This is a breaking change, so please provide us with your feedback.


[Edit: Alas, this was not meant to be.  Perhaps in version 2.  Happy April Fools' :)]

[Edit: Monad has now been renamed to Windows PowerShell. This script or discussion may require slight adjustments before it applies directly to newer builds.]

6 Responses to “Monad Breaking Change – Alignment with strategy”

  1. /\/\o\/\/ writes:

    I would prefer a more agressive way to catch also logged text.

    .\dir-live.msh | more

    and thanks for nice workaround for another breaking change :

    $invoker = get-command -ea SilentlyContinue invoke-command
    if(-not $invoker) { $invoker = get-command invoke-expression }

    gr /\/\o\/\/

  2. applepwc writes:

    The script work normally in the directory which name is "test".But other than the "".
    Error happened like this:(may be the other "illegal" character contains in the directory name will generate the error)

    MSH 6> . C:\\dir-live.msh
    get-childitem : Cannot find path ‘C:\teget-childitemst\dir-liveget-childitemmsh
    ‘ because it does not exist.
    At line:1 char:14
    + get-childitem <<<< C:\teget-childitemst\dir-liveget-childitemmsh

    And I have a qustion :
    Hello,eveyone here.Could you explaining me the dir_live.msh a little?
    I don’t understand why convert a string will generated a effect like get-childitem?
    Thanks very much.

  3. DBMwS writes:

    I haven’t seen such an innovative script in my entire life.
    Sure beats the hell outta everyone’s scripts.

    > This is a breaking change
    It breaks the rule of physics as well.

  4. Drew Marsh writes:

    Ahh, geek humor at it’s finest. 😉

  5. Lee writes:

    Glad you guys like it — so it sounds we should continue as planned 🙂

    Applepwc: I’ll explain the script in a future post — it’s really not the magic it appears to be.

  6. Alex K. Angelopoulos writes:

    I just did a decode, saw the "SPONSORED CHILDITEMS" bit and freaked because it really looked possible, and in fact looked just like the kind of thing someone in a marketing group might try force-feeding to a new product that didn’t generate revenue. 🙂

    Hey, being able to do something like this is a Turing test for a tool, isn’t it?

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