Caffe Artigiano in Vancouver

On a recent trip to Vancouver, I accidentally stumbled into a cafe called Caffe Artigiano right downtown (on Hornsby street,) and was extremely impressed.  The walls are decorated with pictures of gorgeous Latte art, and the drinks are stellar.  It turns out that the place is the home of the Canadian Barista Champion for three years running!

And with drinks like this?  It makes me want to go back to working for a coffee shop 🙂


Picture taken from their blog @, although mine looked similar!

2 Responses to “Caffe Artigiano in Vancouver”

  1. Vivek writes:

    Nice. Have you tried Vivace ( in Capitol Hill? Apparently you have to train for 2 years there before becoming a barista!

  2. Lee writes:

    I haven’t. As a coffee lover and former long-time barista, I’m ashamed to say that I haven’t had the chance to explore Seattle’s coffee culture more thoroughly!

    Some other places that I’ve got on my list to try:
    – Cafe Umbria in Pioneer Square
    – Cafe Darte near Pike Place
    – Victrola Coffe and Art (also in Capitol Hill) is a great place to hang out too, although the people watching is a bit less interesting 🙂

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