Precision Computing Turns One

It was a year ago now that Precision Computing, in its current form, opened its doors.  I’ve been writing something blog-like for longer, but it previously involved updating the HTML by hand 🙂

It’s been an interesting year – one in which we’ve seen the PowerShell community blossom from a group of passionate BetaPlace users, to a much larger and more diverse community.  We’ve played with a handful of new releases, experienced a long-awaited name change,  and perhaps most importantly – learned about PowerShell’s official release plans.

At Microsoft, we have a tradition for celebrating times like this.  When their anniversary rolls around, many people place chocolate on a chair outside of their office – usually 1 lb. for every year they’ve been at Microsoft.  It’s a great tradition – the people you work with get to indulge a little, and everybody enjoys the water cooler type of conversation that tends  to happen.

I obviously can’t distribute chocolate on the internet, but I’ve been thinking for a while about how to recreate the essence of the Microsoft chocolate tradition.  Here’s the idea:

If you own a blog, add a comment with a link to what you consider your "best" post in the last year or so.  If you don’t own a blog, add a comment with a link to a blog post that you consider to be very insightful or interesting.  Then, click around and enjoy the water cooler conversation!

Now, on for another year!

7 Responses to “Precision Computing Turns One”

  1. /\/\o\/\/ writes:


    I was thinking :


    Oops there yours 😉

    gr /\/\o\/\/

  2. Lee writes:

    I want to hear the posts you like most of your own 🙂

  3. Keith Hill writes:

    I liked this one from my blog. Note: I’ve tweaked the title several times. 🙂

    If "Scheme is Love" and "Lisp is Sin", then PowerShell is "CLI Heaven" – at:!5A8D2641E0963A97!204.entry

  4. Tony writes:

    Have Fun!

  5. David Moisan writes:

    My favorite: my first PowerShell post:!95CB015E3E4A702A!126.entry?_c11_blogpart_blogpart=blogview&_c=blogpart#permalink

  6. Chrissy writes:

    Congrats! I just signed up for Google Reader and you were my second subscription (behind RealCajunRecipes ;))

  7. Mitch Wheat writes:

    Just discovered your blog vis Roy Osherove. Excellent Info.

    off-topic, but here’s mine:

    Mitch Wheat

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