PowerShell Solves a Mystery

One of Raymond Chen’s readers recently noticed that Google purchased AdWords for Raymond’s name.  The destination of the sponsored link?  http://www.google.com/jobs 🙂

This came up on our internal bloggers alias, so people started poking around to see what other bloggers / blog readership had outstanding “job offers.”  Not being one for repetitive, manual computer labour, I let PowerShell definitively answer the question.

In a temporary Outlook message, I expanded the alias so that it listed the names of all members.  I saved that into a text file, and ran the following script:

PS:6 > gc bloggers.txt -delimiter ";" |
>>    % { $_ | where { $wc.DownloadString("
http://www.google.com/search?q={0}" -f $_) -match "Want to work" } }
 Brad Abrams;
 Eric Gunnerson;
 Raymond Chen;

A bit easier than searching for the 965 members of that alias by hand!

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  1. DBMwS writes:

    This is one of the main reasons i love PowerShell and uses PowerShell for.

    You can be as lazy as possible with only few lines of codes.

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