Great PowerShell Screencasts

Several people have been churning out screencasts lately, and they are really great resources.

On the Channel9 front, David Aiken recently posted two DFO Show screencasts:

In addition, Doug Finke and the Lab49 team just posted an overview of some PowerShell features – Variables, Arrays, Hashtables, Functions, and PsObject.

For interactive learners, the screencast medium is a great resource.  Not only do you get to watch over somebody's shoulder, but the vocal accompaniment also provides the "Proximity Effect" benefit of working under the guidance of an expert.

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  1. lb writes:

    hi Lee.
    Top stuff.

    There’s some good (audio-only) podcasts around too — mostly Jeffrey Snover interviews. I’d be keen to find more!

  2. lb writes:

    just wanted to make sure you didn’t miss these screencasts (i don’t think you would’ve missed them) from Doug Finke

  3. lb writes:

    sorry! um oops — i missed the part of your blog entry where you linked to them… doh!

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