Interested in being a Technical Reviewer?

[Edit: Thanks for all of the interest -- the review period is now closed.]

We're getting close to "content complete" of Windows PowerShell: The Definitive Guide. The next step is technical review, where we look for both high-level and low-level feedback on the content and structure.

Also, this is a book focused on administrators. While PowerShell uber-hackers are always appreciated, inexperience with PowerShell is extremely valuable, as well.

If you're interested in being a Technical Reviewer of the book, please let me know and I'll forward your information to O'Reilly. Feel free to leave a comment here, or click on the mail icon in the sidebar to the right.

12 Responses to “Interested in being a Technical Reviewer?”

  1. Tom Kirby-Green writes:

    I would love to be a technical reviewer. I’ve been using PowerShell as my cmd.exe shell replacement since its beta (monad days). I expect you’ve be inundated with offers to review – but hopefully you’ve got a few places left!

  2. John Ludlow writes:

    I’d be interested as well. Powershell code doesn’t always do what you’d expect, as I’ve found out. Some of these gotchas and workarounds for them are a must for any book on the subject.

  3. Brandon writes:

    I sent you an email. Thanks

  4. Mike Metzger writes:

    I would also be interested in reviewing the book – I’m still a powershell newbie…

  5. Vinicius Canto [MVP] writes:

    Hi Lee,

    I would like to review the book too… I have read another book, Powershell Quick Reference, an posted some comments for Brazilian IT Pro community.


    Vinicius Canto
    MVP Scripting

  6. Debbie Timmins writes:

    Hello Lee,

    If you still require help to review the book, I would be interested too. I am trying to use PowerShell as a tool at work. The quicker I can get to speed with it, the more time I will have to learn more.

    Kind regards,

  7. Bill Foster writes:

    If your still looking for help reviewing your book I’d love to. I am a novice with powershell but am getting better everyday. I have read the first Oreilly book Monad by Andy Oakley but need some in depth examples and ideas. It looks like your book would provide that.


  8. Desmond Lee writes:

    I would appreciate the opportunity to review this book as I am working a lot with PowerShell, both professionaly as a consultant and part of delivery as an MCT.

    Thanks for the great work leeholmes!


  9. Scott Stonehouse writes:

    I’d like to help you out with the book. I know a bit about it, since I pay attention to Hanselman, etc. But I have not downloaded or played with it yet. So I’m definitely new to PowerShell. I’m really a SQL Server guy at the moment.

  10. Stelios Tzivakis writes:

    I would love to participate. I ‘ ve been using powershell for quite a long now. I ‘ ve written a lot of utilities and a BCD clock ising Windows Forms (just for fun to see how invoking win32 apis really works and of cource delegates for the winform events).
    I’ve read Bayettes book also.

  11. Alan Hasty writes:

    If you’re still looking for reviewers, I’d be interested. I’ve been scripting in unix for years and have recently begun to learn more about the Microsoft environment/tools.

  12. Jason Irwin writes:

    I guess i am too late, but i am a novice with powershell and am very much looking forward to learning. i’d be happy to be involved.
    Thank you

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