Things more likely to kill you than Swine Flu

There are a few. Based on worldwide numbers (160 confirmed deaths, 3000 “suspected” cases)

  • Falling out of bed (900 confirmed deaths)
  • Falling down the stairs (1,690 confirmed deaths)
  • Big storm (874 confirmed deaths)
  • Drinking binge (346 confirmed deaths)

Of course, the statistic left out by the news

  • Normal flu (36,000 confirmed deaths per year)

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  1. CrazyDave writes:


  2. luke writes:

    Hmmm… comparing stats is always dangerous territory – you are most likely comparing apples to oranges E.g.

    Falling out of bed – I’m assuming the 900 are most likely old people, therefore this stat isn’t applicable to a lot of people.
    Falling down the stairs (1,690 confirmed deaths) – again old people are probably the most likely victims amongst this lot.
    Big storm (874 confirmed deaths) – Most people don’t live in cyclone areas in the world.
    Drinking binge (346 confirmed deaths) – college kids / 16-30 age are probably the most likely demographic

    So if you are not old, don’t live in a tropical climate (during storm season) and don’t binge drink, then this comparison is probably worthless.

  3. Fox writes:

    Anyone can take a particularly nasty fall and hit their head on something on the way down. You don’t have to be old for that..

    You don’t have to live in a tropical climate during storm season to be at risk during bad weather. Pretty much all climates have it, and something as simple as a moderately high wind could cause a tree limb flying through your house, and right into your head.

    Also, you don’t need to be a kid to find yourself on a drinking binge.. I suspect it’s more up to the individual than any specific age range (though at younger ages, peer pressure may be a contributing factor).

    Generally, your debunks totally ignore a lot of possibilities. We’re not talking about two perfectly normal edible fruit, we’re talking about death statistics. Your comparison to the fruit, however, is something like comparing apples to grenades.

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