Hang Drum for Propellerheads Reason

One instrument that’s got great allure is the PanArt Hang – a metallic drum-like form with great complexity and resonance:

They are difficult to obtain, and expensive should you want to try.

Looking online, I found some WAV samples graciously provided by Andreas Bick at http://www.andreas-bick.de/hang-samples/. He also included the sampler settings to convert this to a virtual instrument for Apple Logic Pro’s ESX-24 sampler.

If you have Propellerhead Reason, the sampler settings won’t work – although you can still use the raw WAV files and do your own mapping for the Reason NN-XT sampler. Luckily, I spent the couple of hours doing it so that you don’t have to 🙂 You can get the files here:


If you don’t have the WAV samples, you’ll need to download the entire ZIP and extract it. It’s in 7-zip format, since I couldn’t get regular zip files to go below the 50MB limit on SkyDrive. If you have the WAV files already, you only need the .sxt file also in the directory.

I also put up a Reason project (Egyptian Mystery.rns) for a song that uses only this instrument: Egyptian Mystery.

17 Responses to “Hang Drum for Propellerheads Reason”

  1. Sage writes:

    Thank you so much for channeling such beautiful music! I am so inspired! I have been loving the hang drum for some time now…where do you suggest that I go? Thank you so much! Beautiful blessings are shining within us – Sage

  2. Lee Holmes writes:

    Sage – if it’s the YouTube video you like, you’ll have to thank Dante for that one 🙂 If you like Egyptian Mystery, then I’m flattered!

    Where do I suggest you go to buy one? I don’t really have a good answer to that one. They’re so expensive (because they’re in such short supply) that I find it really hard to justify getting one. I did get a Rock Creek tank drum, and it’s pretty nice – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNIxwjvBelM.

  3. Sup writes:

    Hey, Sage. You may want to check this out: http://www.hangdrumsandhandpans.com/2010/10/alternatives-to-hang-drum-for-sale-halo.html

    p.s. thanks for the link to the samples, Holmes. I will be making use of them.

  4. Marco Selvaggio writes:

    I sell my hang drum (No PANArt)!!! If you want to see it contact me on facebook! I will give me skype contact so you can see it… I’m from Italy! 🙂

  5. Per writes:

    Thanks heaps for sharing!

  6. RedZone writes:

    I used this instrument pack in a cover song. It came out nicely. Thanks for the share Lee. Check it out.

  7. RedZone writes:

    Sorry, I guess I should have posted the link. Lol.

  8. Lee Holmes writes:

    @RedZone – That rocks!

  9. Billy writes:

    has the download been removed??

  10. Lee Holmes writes:

    Looks like the link died since Microsoft’s SkyDrive changed to OneDrive. Updated the links – thanks!

  11. billy writes:

    THANK U!!!!

  12. Donald Kolko writes:

    My son Jeremy is a friend of yours. I checked out your site because I’m learning PowerShell. I ws stumbling around your site and saw this. I thought you might be interested in something Jeremy and I saw years ago (18 to be exact). We went to a show and were exposed to Tuvan the throat singer. Since them I’ve wanted to learn it, but I seem to not be able to. Here is a clp of someone who is really good at it doing Amazing Grace in human voice overtones https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nPu9XMMY1Y8. Hope you enjoy.

  13. Thomas writes:

    Thank you for your efforts in putting this together. I also found it difficult to justify the thousands of dollars and months or years of waiting (I have been on the Halo list for three or four years). Your solution does not require me to pick a key either. Can you imagine how big the drum would be to cover all of those notes?

  14. Andreas Bick writes:

    Hi Lee, I’ve updated my website and the hang sample link changed. It can now be found here:


    Cheers, Andreas

  15. Milko writes:

    has the download been removed??

  16. Zavmusic writes:

    Thank you very much!

  17. Dennis writes:

    Hi, the link doesn´t work anymore 🙁 Could you please update it again, Lee? Thanks a million

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