Morser – Keyboard Morse Input Device

[Edit: Please see V2 here:]

3 Responses to “Morser – Keyboard Morse Input Device”

  1. Anonymous writes:

    Wow leaving this locked onto an application will force you to learn Morse! Or cause you to break your computer.

  2. kilo-charlie-seven writes:

    Wow! I’m intriqued. I can only send dits. Maybe it’s me but I can’t send morser the dahs. This is pretty nifty. Thanks.

  3. Lee Holmes writes:

    kc7 – You might just be too fast 🙂 I think I have it tuned to a pretty low WPM at the moment. A version I’m working on lets you pick your sending rate, or detect the sending rate automatically based on your input. I’m also working on an update that lets you plug an audio device (i.e.: an actual keyer) into your Mic In port.

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