The PowerShell Pay-it-Forward Award

As I was going through some things, I realized that I have a handful of author copies of my PowerShell Cookbook remaining. There are several of the first edition, several of the second edition, and several of the pocket references.

After thinking about what to do with them, I hereby announce the PowerShell Pay-it-Forward Award.

If you would like a free signed copy of any of these books, I have a simple request. Go forth on the internet: Stack Overflow, blogs, Twitter, whatever. Find a PowerShell newbie with a gnarly problem. Not just a syntax problem, but some hairy business problem. Work with them to solve it.

Post your results back here in the comments (with a link to the interaction,) and I’ll give books to those that have helped a user (or users) the most.

I’ll announce the winners on December 1st.

Good luck!

5 Responses to “The PowerShell Pay-it-Forward Award”

  1. Teresa Wilson writes:

    This is another example as to why the Windows PowerShell family is known for their community spirit. You are such a wonderful example to others. Kudos to you Lee. Big hug.

  2. Michael Sorens writes:

    Well, I will start the ball rolling, Lee, because I can never have too many O’Reilly cookbooks! I will be up front and say that my entry is weak on “gnarly” but I think it makes up for that by debunking a popularly held notion (judged by its prevalence on the Internet) that seems to be “obvious”. See my answer to “How can I find the source path of an executing script?” on StackOverflow at

  3. Greg writes:

    not gnarly, but a couple things
    I posted an answer to this Superuser post (I am uslackr)
    I recently submitted a half-dozen scripts to the Script Center for building a test AD instance and copying over users/group from an existing AD (look for uSlackr)

  4. Ameer Deen writes:

    Posted a response on how to unzip files using PowerShell:

  5. M P writes:

    I wanted to let you know that your contributions to the Powershell Community paid off. I have been using your resources for some time to assist with my Powershell script writing. I decided to get more serious about Powershell due to its wide implementation and knew your book would be a must have. This morning I picked up your book and I am already using it to help with some syntax issues I was experiencing. Thank you so much for your contributions to the community.

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