Hang Drum for Propellerheads Reason

Thu, Jun 17, 2010 One-minute read

One instrument that’s got great allure is the PanArt Hang – a metallic drum-like form with great complexity and resonance:

They are difficult to obtain, and expensive should you want to try.

Looking online, I found some WAV samples graciously provided by Andreas Bick at http://www.andreas-bick.de/hang-samples/. He also included the sampler settings to convert this to a virtual instrument for Apple Logic Pro’s ESX-24 sampler.

If you have Propellerhead Reason, the sampler settings won’t work – although you can still use the raw WAV files and do your own mapping for the Reason NN-XT sampler. Luckily, I spent the couple of hours doing it so that you don’t have to :)

You can get the files here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AkuNs2XVz3R4jkhnrNNTG1QkRSoi

If you don’t have the WAV samples, you’ll need to download the entire ZIP and extract it. It’s in 7-zip format, since I couldn’t get regular zip files to go below the 50MB limit on SkyDrive. If you have the WAV files already, you only need the .sxt file also in the directory.

I also put up a Reason project (Egyptian Mystery.rns) for a song that uses only this instrument: Egyptian Mystery.