How do you get rid of the Judge?

Wed, Mar 28, 2007 9-minute read

Wow. I was looking through some old backups today, and found a writing assignment where we actually had to turn in the drek that came out when working to clear “The Judge.

The assignment was to do 8 of these 20-minute sessions in one week. By the end, I was closing my eyes and making an insane amount of typos.

Time 1:40pm, September 17.  Word count 1405
Time 1:26am, September 19.  Word count 1409
Time 11:46pm, September 19.  Word count 1694
Time 4:41pm, September 20.  Word count 1730
Time 6:59pm, September 21.  Word count 1793
Time 11:15pm, September 22.  Word count 1856
Time 11:08pm, September 23.  Word count 1942
Time 9:30apm, September 24.  Word count 1879
Time 11:35a, September 30.  Word count 1715

And to be clear that we’re not talking about poetry here:

Time 11:35a, September 30. Word count 1715

Well it=s time again.. I=ll stop typing at 11:55 If the cassiopeia ahasn=t gone off.. This is interesting talking for awhile… It=s not that exciting, but htat=s OK. What i will be interested in ins is ws seeing how fo t it makes my craetivity better hen it comes to going for a boat fir de ride and seeing how aI am doing? I think I will be doing OK, but I haven=t typed in awhile , so I don=t know what I am feeling like. I know I am feeling pretty well, so that=s OK and I don=t have to worry about it. I=m kinda sad that I ddin=t eever h it the 2000 word b mark, but it will come in time. I just ahve eto remember to ekekeep on tyalking fast and then that will be oK OK. That=s mint.. That=s really mint, and t I=m mind all about that. Hello how are you doing? I am doing fine, but I don=t really know what to talk about.. The funmny think thing is that bp people were talking about how they would say A I don= tknow what to talk about so I=ll just write about [email protected]… I can=t even imagine having so much time alone with my mind that I would think that way? I think that this is loosening up my braein fluid dthough, so OH my GOD that was the Judge coming in again. I thi though t I had given him the bood bot… I thhink I might as well hae removed my BS cas key that is backspace not bullshit.. Hahahah… I might as well have removed it, buec becaseu becasu because I ahd eliminated the problem of wanting to backspace at all… Hello that= s really strange. I wish bubba would stop playing witht the TB TV because it=s really annoying.. And then we just let e her and she walkas walks around think in th thinking about it… That=s poretty mn nuts but if wh she want=s to she can do it. Hello I think that=s carzy, but I don=t know crazy all I know is f nutty funiness.. Fuziness i s is not funiness, that is not funny.. .H ello how are yo udougn?? I think I we will describe the funniness of the thinkint and the hello and the hello and how are you i you? I don= thtink th you are all that well, ebcause I have 15 minutes left and I am giong as as slow as one could imagine… I think that was pretty nutes ant that I was 20 go asdf I don=t want to think about that. What I really want to think about is the deep inner space fof the human psyche and all of that jazz.. I think that I have to return the SparQ a lot sooner than I really want to… I really want to, so hello I think I will .. Hello that=s really nuts. I have to blow my nose too, but ydo you hear me complaining about it? I think that she=s cout caught her… I think she=s been tricked, but I don=t think r she really minsd.. I think the neat thing about ebaing a man of letters and a man of email is that I keep up my typing shk skills, and I keep up my literary skills. I don= twrite t letters s themselves very often , but that=s OK.. I don=t think I reallly want to… Hello that=s pretty nuts. Hello I don=t know what I to do.. I think that indexes 20 million to Lycos=s on ly only has 7.. I don=t kknow what to think about.. I think I if I was the man. i of all men, I would index onlly the title… I t don=t know what kind of crap I would get in searches, though, because when you have title s titles that purposely do that, and mess up tht tite title hthatn I would bre breally annoyed that I would come up with thi… Oanother option would be to j I dont= know I… I think you would have to have a nutty nutinees,,,.. I think that the web should be … D See thent the think thing is, that msost people don=t have an idea what their page is about, so the title isn=t ev ery descriptive… I think that is nuts… I On the ohter hadn, you could just so go searhc searching for informations and keep a adatabase of nuts and peanuts especially.. I don=t htink I would mind that at all.. I think I would like a peanut butter and jam sandwich today.. I think I would also like some of the nutella.. Hello how are you doing? I tink think I am doing fine! I think that fr Frankie are lying. Hello howa rey oug? I think that I am doing fine, but I don=t htink I am anhywhere even near 1500 words… I think If i am w to do this, it will be more like 14000 1400 1300 words or so.. I odjust don=t have tht the speed that I did nbe before, and I j certainly don= thta have the speed of my fingers.. I don=t even know how fast I could bring it up if c I continued to type at all the speed int the o workl world for the next 10 minmutes.. I f I continued to type at 100 wpm for then enxt while, as compare t compared to the 0 l words I was typing before, then w that would take me to 85 words per mintes.. However that i swhat I am ocom always thyping at, so I think that I am only able to makx max out I think that I fi type really cast and don=t care about anything else then I will end up at about some hshee… I think that I will end up ab at about 15600 ow words, seeing as I am not raelly going all that fast and that I am not raelliy going as fast ags sas gI can.. I think that >s mint.. That candle smells really goodd… I think that I love vanilla.. I am actually in lvoe with the flavour aof fa vanilla.. I don=t knowo what in the heck is going on.. I have to work with cr cChris and Somebboyd eles to day.. That=s rpetty OK.. A Aand I don= tmind it at all.. I am fine about coming early , alnthough I don= th tink I will have to.. I think I shall just go to sleep now and let myu fingers to d do t he walking.. Walk walk walk hahaha.. That=s rn not really that funny.. I think it shall realkly go to sleep.. I don=t know how I will be able to write and that I don= tknow what to say! I tihn Think that I was want to go for about a page at a font 1 of about 13 14 15 so that I will probably havbe to write around 5 600 words… I am not paln planning an anthology a or and epoch or anything like that.. I just hope to write and write.. as fasrt as I can .. That makes me happy.. I think that I am happy that I am happy that I am watching TV and typing at the same it time.. I th ink that w I will be doing about 1500 words, in retrospect.. That makes me tired… actually I would really not br be very typed typed.. O What is a typed language? Hello how are you doing? Hello I don=t know wwhat to do? I think that I am tired and would reatud gradually be following int obeing nice? Hello how are you dongt? I think that I wam am adoing fine?/ I think that they are fighting. Hello how are you ding? I don=t know what to do? I am very angry angry with th her that is really carea crazy ? Hello how are you dong? I am nuts.. I think that she is fighting and that is no fun? I think that I saw another another argument.. Everybody fights won once ain awhile.. I think that the interesting thing is that I can just type and type.;.. Without even considering what is giog around on the computer?? I( think that I thingk it is interesting that I can watch tv and talk at the same times.. I think that my fingers have managed to go on cone consider how my fingers.. I thin that that the funny thing aobut the funinees.. Hello I don= tknow what I=m typing abut aat least a I am wathcving TV.. IT=s important that I am watching TV.. I think I will be fininished at about 11:55, but I don= tknow why the Cassiopeia hasn=t gone of.. I think the problem i sthat I se it about aon only a mintue or so beco before I startes d started looking at the TV tco cmoptuer.. So I se t ts et the computer, and then thing king thtat the Casiopeia was talkinga longerthan it wo was, I didn=t really care.. That=s OK .. I can=t believe that i >m aon on 15 pages.. That=s re pretyt crazy.. My finger types fast aenought.. I love her too,. I think that it must be a alittl ech.. . OK I have just a seocnd sleft.. That=s wahat I though.. It didn=t take me long enought to go from the cassiopeia to the comptuer. I was expecting a lot less time.. .OH OK anyways I w think that I will be wrapping it up, buecause I am almost done.. Almost sI tell you.. I o wonder if that should be a hint.. I have it save on me, but it is only every 20 minutes… That actually is it sa.. BVTE