Mathematical Pumpkins

Thu, Oct 29, 2009 One-minute read

Over the past few years, Pumpkin carving in my family has somehow ended up focusing on two themes: Math, and Knitting.

A Sierpinski Triangle – which surprisingly only took a toothpick or two to repair isolated triangles:

Sierpinski Carpet (along with a wee bit of evil, of course:)


Not being one to cut 64 of the level-three squares by hand, a cordless drill came in extremely handy.

Mandelbrot, and Koch snowflake:

030 112

Knitting randoms:

106 109

And just a cool cat in a window:

Picture 636

Unfortunately, when I’m out trick-or-treating, there’s nobody around to give candy to the little monsters.  I leave a note above a bowl on a chair – and now I finally know why my calligraphy pens include red in the set!