Morser - Keyboard Morse Input Device

Fri, Apr 8, 2011 2-minute read

[Download:, 155kb]

[Updated 10/04/2011 – V2 includes support for audio input]

If you’re interested in Morse Code as a hobby or just as a neat lo-fi communication mechanism, one thing that might set you back is the lack of practical opportunities to use it.

You can find lots of Morse Code apps that let you practice into a little text box, but nothing that you can tweet with, blog with chat with, etc.

Morser is a simple little program that solves this need.


After launching it, press Control-Alt-M to enable or disable it. It works no matter what application you have running, so you can minimize it and switch to an application that you want to use it with. When enabled, Morser acts as a straight keyer. It listens for presses of your keyboard’s down arrow and automatically types the letter that corresponds to your Morse code input.

If you hook up any audio device (i.e.: a real actual keyer) to an input jack, Morser converts the audio input to text as well.

If you have funny characters to enter, just type them on your keyboard as you normally would.

The Control-Alt-M hotkey also works in any application, so you don’t need to switch back to Morser to enable or disable it.

Here’s an example of it interpreting somebody’s YouTube video. I hooked my audio output to my Mic Input.