GPS Tracker - GPS Track Log Viewer

A useful project to display GPS NMEA track logs on screen.

Sierpinski Triangle Fractal

The Sierpinski Triangle is a neat mathematical diagram of triangles within triangles. Here’s one implemented in C#.

SVG Editor and Painter

I was on a roll, and this painting program / SVG editor is the result. I wrote it in SVG, and it even lets you export (save) your SVG drawing to another SVG document.

Catch the Ladybugs!

Who can resist making a child happy? Ariel like the last game so much that I thought I’d try working with animation and other things. This game of Catch the Ladybugs is the result.

Memory in SVG

SVG is the web consortium’s proposed replacement for Flash (and other “vector” formats.) While experimenting with it, I wrote this little game of memory for my daughter, Ariel. If you know your letters, you can play too!

Hello World

Here are two guides designed to introduce programming to the absolute beginner, using JavaScript to learn. Hello World (small) - for the absolute beginner. Hello World (small) Hello World (large) - another introduction to Computer Programming with Javascript. However, this one is more technical – for an “advanced beginner.” Hello World (large)

New Graduate Resume

Here is an example of the resume I used when I was preparing to graduate from the University of Toronto. As a new graduate, you don’t really have much to speak to in terms of work experience, so I focused heavily on making this a skills-based resume. I also linked to course summaries of both my Software Engineering and Professional Writing degrees to give future interviewers course-specific background and possible conversation topics.

GPG and Password / Internet Security

Quick Links: GPG / GNU Privacy Guard Online Password Generator If you have a password habit like most people, you probably reuse the same small set of passwords for all of your accounts – online or otherwise. To make matters worse, most (if not all) of your passwords come from the standard dictionary (English or otherwise.) A note about password strength Some passwords are easier than others to break.

The Essential Unix / Linux Reference

My friend got a great Unix reference the other day – a $14 buy from one of those “up to 80% off” computer discount bins. No matter how hard I looked, though, I couldn’t find one worth buying second hand. Rather than spend the fifty bucks on a new Unix / Linux command reference, I decided to create my own: an edited and compiled version of the almighty manpages for 39 of the most used (and useful) Unix / Linux commands.

Astronomical Image Processing

An overview of some astronomical digital image processing techniques. Link to the piece here: Astronomical Image Processsing