PowerShell Cookbook Sample Chapter: Environmental Awareness

Mon, Dec 17, 2007 One-minute read

When O’Reilly put up the overview page for the Windows PowerShell Cookbook, the sample chapter was originally “Looping and Flow Control.” While a useful chapter in its own right, it didn’t really highlight the solution-oriented focus the book takes.

They’ve now updated the sample chapter to one much more representative: Environmental Awareness.

The goal of this chapter is to help you work with the global environment (environment variables and common system paths,) and script’s environment (its location, name, and invocation info.)

It covers:

_14. Environmental Awareness
       14.0 Introduction  
       14.1 View and Modify Environment Variables  
       14.2 Access Information About Your Command’s Invocation  
       14.3 Program: Investigate the InvocationInfo Variable  
       14.4 Find Your Script’s Name  
       14.5 Find Your Script’s Location  
       14.6 Find the Location of Common System Paths  
       14.7 Program: Search the Windows Start Menu  
       14.8 Get the Current Location  
       14.9 Safely Build File Paths Out of Their Components  
       14.10 Interact with PowerShell’s Global Environment _

You can download it by following the sample chapter link at the book’s overview page.