PowerShell Cookbook Scripts Available Everywhere

Tue, Sep 28, 2010 One-minute read

If you’ve been looking for the sample scripts from the PowerShell Cookbook, you might have had trouble finding them on the book’s main landing page. It turns out that September and October are very busy publishing periods, so was some delay getting them live.

Fortunately, a delay is just that… a delay :) O’Reilly recently published the PowerShell Cookbook sample scripts and code samples to the main page, so you can now just click on the ‘Examples’ link from the main landing page to download them.

In other exciting news, as recently announced by Jaykul, O’Reilly has been very gracious in letting me put all of the scripts from the PowerShell Cookbook onto PoshCode.org – PowerShell’s largest community script repository.

If you want ‘em, now you’ve got them. Even if you don’t have the PowerShell Cookbook, you can still download them and reap their benefits!