PowerShell Hotkey to Pause Pandora

Fri, Feb 26, 2010 One-minute read

I’ve got a neat application that I use to map keystrokes to background PowerShell functions / script blocks. I recently started using Pandora more often, and the killer problem is when somebody drops by the office to ask a quick question. You dig around all of your open Explorer windows until you find the one for Pandora, then find the Pause button.

Here’s a function that does all of that for you, and maps it to Control+Alt+P:

function PausePandora
    $ie = New-Object -Com Shell.Application
    $pandora = $ie.Windows() | ? { $_.LocationName -like "*Pandora Radio*" }
    $ie = $null

## Pause Pandora
$keyMapping['Control,Alt,P'] = @{ Action =  { PausePandora } }