Resume for Lee Charles Holmes

Note: I am no longer looking for a job. This resume is just online to help give ideas to new grads.

Personal Information

  1. Name: Lee Charles Holmes
  2. Email: [email protected]
  3. Web site:
  4. View the details of my Software Engineering Specialist, or my Professional Writing Minor (including portfolio)


  1. University of Toronto. (Graduated Spring, 2002)
  2. Computer Science: Software Engineering Specialist
  3. Professional Writing: Professional Writing Minor

Scholastic Accomplishments

  1. Member of the Golden Key National Honour Society; an international honour society with membership offered only to the academic top 15% of each university.
  2. Recipient of the 1999, and 2001 Millennium Scholarships
  3. Author of three articles published in a newly created course textbook, Science 2000: Science Writing by New Writers.
  4. Guest speaker for my research findings on "View-centred vs Object-centred Recognition" at the University of Toronto's first annual ACM undergraduate research awards.

Computer Related Skills

  1. Skilled in many programming languages including: Java, SQL, Sun's Netdynamics application server, Java Server Pages (JSP), Javascript, C++, Visual C++, C, Perl, Scheme, Lisp, Prolog, and Unix shell scripting.
  2. Proficient in many software applications and operating systems, including: MS Windows (3.x, 9x, NT, 2000), Unix (Solaris, BSD, Linux), and enterprise applications (Mercury Interactive's Test Director and Load Runner, Merant's PVCS, Microsoft's Visual Source Safe.)
  3. Well versed in the software development life-cycle including:
    1. Object-oriented analysis and design with the Unified Modeling Language (UML)
    2. Breaking large projects into small, manageable modules
    3. Prioritizing with the client to meet deadlines and deliverables
    4. Encouraging unit-testing, iterative development, and code-reuse through many of the principles of Extreme Programming (XP.)
    5. Controlling and monitoring defects through well-defined Quality Assurance (QA) processes
  4. Have extensive knowledge of computing principles and practices. These include:
    1. Time complexity and algorithm efficiency
    2. Recursion and distributed computing
    3. Collaborative procedures (documentation, division of responsibility, communication)
    4. File structure design and analysis

Computer Related Accomplishments

  1. Wrote an extensive help manual and online help system for Okino Computer Graphics.
  2. Placed third in the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology programming competition.
  3. Own, host and maintain the web site, This includes Unix system administration (security, maintenance, and configuration) as well as complex web development. The back-end of the web site includes CGI programming with Perl and JSP. Its user interface incorporates HTML, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Javascript, and Java Applets.

Professional Accomplishments

  1. Awarded one of two internships for GE Global Exchange Services from a pool of over 200. See also my more detailed PEY Report
  2. Filled the development responsibilities of a newly vacated position of Lead Software Developer after only three months of my internship at GE.
  3. Independently automated a cumbersome (and lengthy) software deployment process - reducing release time of a large project by over 15 hours.
  4. Grew to the important role of key developer for Coca-Cola's large price management system during my internship at GE. Responsibilities included:
    1. Managing a sub-team of four developers to ensure rapid development with high code quality
    2. Maintaining and architecting changes for many key system modules
    3. Communicating difficult technical challenges and problems to non-technical people
    4. Supporting and diagnosing system problems through pager, email, and telephone
  5. Received GE's "Night on the Town Award" given outstanding professional work.
  6. Nominated for the GE-wide "Intern of the Year" award.

Volunteer and Community Activities

  1. Volunteered with the Peel Literacy Guild to train and assist their staff with their computers and infrastructure.
  2. Helped increase awareness of environmental issues and organize special events as District Green Team Representative during my employment at Starbucks Coffee Company.
  3. Participated in and helped organize the World Wildlife Fund's annual CN tower climb several times in my role of District Green Team Representative.
  4. Participated in the 2000 YMCA 5km "Run for the Cure."
  5. Participated in the 2001 Becel 50km "Ride for Heart."

Finally, I've accomplished all of this while juggling full time employment, education, and fatherhood.