ScanSnap ix500 Handwriting Recognition

Fri, Apr 10, 2015 One-minute read

I got a question today about the handwriting recognition capabilities of my ScanSnap ix500. I’m still madly in love with the ScanSnap for paperwork and automatic document filing, but handwriting isn’t its strong point. Here’s an example document I scanned:


Here’s what was recognized:

e//o vjon ‘anreo/ia//po/n/ 0 V/or d reqw ar 3a eilo yor, c 0 Worio /C Ol2 “po/yi //e[[o is/oMiiaftc chsel Hello regularcbhcl iiellc W(^rU ^Ic^iYcksel //e//o wr/c/^m/ec///ey reouiar lex

Here is the actual PDF: 2015_04_09_19_03_15