Statique: Simple Self-Hosted Comments for Static Websites

Tue, Apr 27, 2021 2-minute read

When hosting a static website or blog, you ultimately have to tackle the question: “What about the comments?"

Some popular options are:

  • Disqus. Simple and popular, but has increasingly moved towards ad-supported and privacy invasive practices.
  • StaticMan. An open source NodeJS implementation that can render comments directly into your static website.
  • An open source commenting system built on top of GitHub issues. Requires commentors to have Github accounts.
  • Discourse, TalkYard, Remark, Commento, . Open source, self-hosted commenting platforms that you set up as either a Docker image, or Linux server that you manage. Some also offer hosted plans for around $20/mo.

Statique takes a radically different approach by hosting comments directly in an Azure Storage account that you configure and provide. This gives you global, serverless, world-class reliability. For a popular website with a couple of thousand comments, should cost around $0.05 per month.

For a demo, see the Statique Sample Comment Site or comment down below :).


  • Lightweight. Statique only requires about 3kb of fully cacheable Javascript and CSS.
  • Lazy Loading. Statique only loads comments when the user requests them, resulting in lightning-fast page loads.
  • No registration required. Statique asks that users give themselves a nickname, but otherwise does not require any registration or user management.


  • User accounts. It is trivial to create throwaway / anonymous accounts with all popular login providers (Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft Account), so Statique does not require them.
  • Moderation. Removing spammy or throwaway comments currently requires that you delete the comments from your Azure Storage account directly. You can write automation for this if it becomes an issue.

Getting Started

For more information about getting started, see Statique on GitHub.