The PowerShell Pay-it-Forward Award

Thu, Nov 10, 2011 One-minute read

As I was going through some things, I realized that I have a handful of author copies of my PowerShell Cookbook remaining. There are several of the first edition, several of the second edition, and several of the pocket references. After thinking about what to do with them, I hereby announce the PowerShell Pay-it-Forward Award. If you would like a free signed copy of any of these books, I have a simple request. Go forth on the internet: Stack Overflow, blogs, Twitter, whatever. Find a PowerShell newbie with a gnarly problem. Not just a syntax problem, but some hairy business problem. Work with them to solve it. Post your results back here in the comments (with a link to the interaction,) and I’ll give books to those that have helped a user (or users) the most. I’ll announce the winners on December 1st. Good luck!