Want to Influence the PowerShell Cookbook V2?

Thu, Mar 12, 2009 2-minute read

We’ve started working on the next edition of the PowerShell Cookbook, and one obvious goal is to improve on the first version.

As the first version has been in print, I’ve taken notes on where people get confused with certain recipes. I’ve taken notes on what I felt were content gaps, and taken the feedback from reviews on Amazon.com and random blogs. Reviews on Amazon are GOLD for authors. They help readers form educated opinions, and provide helpful feedback about the book itself. If you want to thank the author of a book you like, write a review on Amazon.

The second edition of the PowerShell Cookbook continues in the same tradition as the first. Topical, real-world solutions to everyday problems. Packed with an appendix of reference material that matters. It will continue to be a purposefully distinct approach from PowerShell in Action.

With that, here’s your chance to influence the next edition. What did you find too basic? Too advanced? Missing altogether? Were there any recurring issues with the approach or content?

Another question we’re pondering is the unique value that the printed edition brings to the table. Much of the content in the PowerShell Cookbook was pre-published to this blog, newsgroups, or other channels. Many of the topics it addresses can be found through internet searches and forums. Many copies are floating around on Bit Torrent. Given all of that, why did you still purchase the printed version?

I know – a lot of questions, very few answers! Let ‘er rip.