Online Writing Portfolio

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Also, I've published most as PDF files.  If you do not already have it, download the free viewer.

Narrative Writing

"If you can think it": A guide to better writing

Butting Out: A narrative of my last day smoking

The First Dance: A narrative of my first junior high dance

Dairy King: A narrative of my first job


Technical writing

Okino Production Studio help manual.  To be published March, 2001.


Scientific writing

Breaking Bad News: A press release

The Polar Vortex: An explanation


Computers and their applications to astronomy

The Search For Better Vision: A description of the Gamma Ray Network.

The Hubble Space Telescope: A description, including its programming. Published December, 2000.

[email protected]: The Berkley Search For Extraterrestrial Intelligence. Published December, 2000.

Astronomical Simulation: How scientists simulate the evolution of the universe. Published December, 2000.

Astronomical Image Processing: A web-based explanation of the "Digital Unsharp Mask"


Computer Programming

Hello World: An introduction to Computer Programming with Javascript. This one is for the absolute beginner.

Hello World: Another introduction to Computer Programming with Javascript. However, this one is more technical -- for an "advanced beginner."


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